Studio x is committed to unique products which have been made with integrity and love. The showroom is a laboratory, a curated gallery-environment, a space for play and discovery, of objects, concepts, colours and beauty. All the items in our store are linked through the maker’s personal commitment to their creations. The independent strength of every object and our constantly evolving display results in new and playful conversations endlessly emerging.

Studio x works with a wide range of suppliers. Our showroom presents a selection of these, currently including:

  • Alessi (IT)
  • Antipast (JP)
  • Arts & Science (JP)
  • Casey Casey (UK/FR)
  • Cappellini (IT)
  • Cassina (IT)
  • Chiarastella (IT)
  • E15 (DE)
  • Flos (IT)
  • Haeckles (UK)
  • Iris Handverk (SE)
  • KH Würtz (DK)
  • Kana (UK)
  • Magniberg (SE)
  • Neri (IT)
  • Rømer Harboe
  • Sara Lanzi (IT)
  • Valerie objects (BE)
  • Yali (IT)
  • Zanotta (IT)

Studio x frequently invites friends and collaborators to develop new ideas in the space, to mount special exhibitions and introduce new, hand-picked products available uniquely at Studio x.

We are happy to help you find the right piece for any occasion.