Studio x viaduct is part of the London-based showroom Viaduct, established in 1991 by James Mair. Viaduct presents a carefully curated selection of contemporary and classic design furniture. Studio x is able to draw on the vast range and capacity of Viaduct, enabling us to fulfil any furniture order or project, no matter how large.

Viaduct is one of London’s most influential furniture showrooms, with a reputation spanning nearly 30 years. James Mair is dedicated to sourcing design that is genuinely different, that has integrity built into its DNA, and is never boring.

Copenhagen’s reputation for furniture design is second to none, so this collaboration with Studio x Director Kirstine Meier Carlsen to reinterpret our Viaduct vision is an exciting adventure. The synergy between our cultures, the enthusiastic reception to our ideas and genuine affection shared between
us will create a new curiosity about international design.

James Mair, Director and Founder, Viaduct