Takubo Straw amulet ornament "Mizuho"

Takubo Straw amulet ornament "Mizuho"


A simple bundle of rice giving a sacred impression. Inspired by the mythical Japanese god "Ninigi no Mikoto", who was said to be responsible for a rich harvest.

Warazaiku, straw amulets, made from rice straw by the Japanese Kai family, who have been growing and braiding rice straw into traditional objects of good fortune for generations. Based in the township of Takachiho, Miyazaki prefecture, an old, sacred ground, sometimes called a “mythic village”, each Warazaiku shape and knot type offers a different story, from guarding against evil to bearing good luck.


Designer: Warazaiku Takubo
Manufacturer: Warazaiku Takubo
Material: Rice straw
Measurements: 70 x 20 cm


1.100,00 kr