Maalouf Organic Cotton High Brief

Maalouf Organic Cotton High Brief
Maalouf Organic Cotton High Brief


MAALOUF is a new brand created by Mathilde Maalouf, Rebekka Bay and Jacob Wildschiødtz. MAALOUF aims to push boundaries. Sustainable in its essence. Created with concern, detail, and empathy.

The first output by MAALOUF is a mini-collection of underwear for all genders. Consisting of of four items, the first drop is entitled Unbleached. The drop encapsulates what MAALOUF is all about; creating timeless and sustainable items of highest quality. 

ALL MAALOUF products are in 100% natural raw materials. All products are created in an unbleached white quality. 

MAALOUF is produced in Germany near Stuttgart, where all producers are located within a 5 km radius, thus reducing freight and CO2 emissions. Our producers share the same core values as us, as they also wish to preserve tradition but to produce in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Their original circular knitting machines are from the 1900s and are powered by only electric motor that spins around a long shaft. Leather straps transfer the energy to the machines and energy costs are reduced to a minimum with a maximum yield. 

MAALOUF products are delivered in bio-based recyclable vacuum pouches with custom hand-made product cards. 

Fiber composition: 100% Raw Organic Cotton, single jersey  
Colour: Unbleached white quality
Care instruction: Wash at 40° C. Do not tumble dry.


250,00 kr