E15 Backenzahn stool

E15 Backenzahn stool


With the name Backenzahn – referring to the wisdom tooth, which signature shape it resamples – it adds on a humoristic side to the otherwise clean and steady design. We love it's versatility and many ways of use - being a stool or an mobile side table. - Due to the characteristic cracks in the wood, every stool is unique.

Designer: Philipp Mainzer
Manufacturer: E15
Year: 1996
Material: oiled oak / waxed oak / oiled walnut  / waxed walnut
Measurements: W: 27 cm / H: 47 cm / L: 27 cm
Additional information: Delivered as one piece.
Note: Made to order item - please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.


6.050,00 kr