E15 Enoki side table by Phillipp Mainzer

E15 Enoki side table by Phillipp Mainzer


With a combination of rich marble and lacquered steel base the Enoki side table presents a balance in materials and dimensions. The table is available in two different diameters and heights and is offered in 5 different marbles and 9 different base colors - thereby the choice is given for either a contrasting or harmonizing color combination - letting the playful choice of expression in the hands of the consumer.

The different heights of the side tables makes it possible to place them with an overlap - creating an organic environment with versatile options and easy mobility.

Designer: Philipp Mainzer
Manufacturer: E15
Year: 2011
Material: marble and laquered steel
Measurements: D: 55 cm / H: 30 and D: 40 / H: 40 cm
Colors: 5 different marbles / 7 different base colors or any special COM color
Additional information: Delivered as two pieces.
Note: Made to order item - please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.
Additional information: For special color inquiries please get in contact.