Vintage Ingo Maurer Uchiwa ceiling lamp

Vintage Ingo Maurer Uchiwa ceiling lamp


The “Uchiwa” series is a line of lamps first made in the 1970s by German lighting designer Ingo Maurer. Famous for his candid approach to spatial lighting Maurer created the Uchiwa series with the intention of pure, soft light.
The uchiwa, meaning ‘fan’ in Japanese, is traditional Japanese fan made of bamboo and lacquered rice paper that Maurer purchased from Tatsuo Shigeki who was the member of a family that had produced uchiwa for generations.

Designer: Ingo Maurer
Manufacturer: Ingo Maurer
Year: 1980
Material: Bamboo and lacquered rice paper, metal wire
Measurements: 7 fans, Ø 57 cm


75.000,00 kr