Kosta Buda vintage glass carafe by Bertil Vallien

Kosta Buda vintage glass carafe by Bertil Vallien


Pre-loved glass carafe from Kosta Buda, designed by Bertil Vallien. This is part of their collaboration series named "Oktav".

This became one of Bertil's most successful tableware collections in the 70's. It was launched in 1977 and manufactured for over ten years. The idea was already shaped in the early 70s. The late 70's meant a small shift from the rustic to a thinner and more elegant service ideal towards the 80's, the time of longing for luxury and flair.
Oktav is a middle ground, a foretaste of a different style. Even a remnant of the neo-baroque of the 1960s can be seen from the outline of the glasses.


Manufacturer: Kosta Buda
Designer: Bertil Vallien
Year: 1977
Volume: 750 ml 
Material: glass


2.500,00 kr