Apartamento ALL THE STUFF WE COOKED by Frederik Bille Brahe

Apartamento ALL THE STUFF WE COOKED by Frederik Bille Brahe


All the Stuff We Cooked is Frederik Bille Brahe’s first cookbook. Edited by Jeni Porter, it features 44 recipes for simple but thoughtful dishes, some staples from his internationally renowned Copenhagen restaurants—Atelier September, Apollo Bar, and Kafeteria—others are personal favourites that he cooks at home for his family. It is a cookbook born of a strange time, one in which the world took a collective deep breath and went into an unprecedented lockdown, isolation becoming the new normal for many.

Together, from the confines of their respective homes, Apartamento and Frederik Bille Brahe came up with the idea of publishing this book in the same spirit of simplicity and integrity that is found in Frederik’s cooking. 

Part I of the book includes the recipes and stories that Frederik posted online during the lockdown, while Part II features a series of sauces, small dishes, and other tasty basics that remained unpublished but are everyday staples.

All proceeds from All the Stuff We Cooked will be donated to the New York charity ROAR, in support of restaurant workers adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dimensions: 140x210mm
Pages: 272


150,00 kr