1616/arita japan Palace Plate

1616/arita japan Palace Plate


The Palace plate is designed by Teruhiro Yanagihara Head of Design for 1616/arita Japan. These elegant and highly decorative plates - resampling a flower - are the centerpiece of the "TY Standart" collection that adds a storytelling accent to the overall stringent expression. 

Arita is a village on the island of Kyushu in the south of Japan, known for its porcelain. The main company 1616/arita japan was founded 400 years ago and is renowned for its delicate yet hardy porcelain created on crushed local stone. In 2016 the company established the independent contemporary brand 1616/arita japan to celebrate its anniversary. - The crushed local stone from Arita makes the porcelain extremely strong and allows for the design of thin and elegant plates that stack almost infinitely high.

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Designer: Teruhiro Yanagihara
Manufacturer: 1616/arita japan
Year: 2019
Material: Unglazed porcelain
Colour: Grey
Measurements: D: 11 cm / D: 16 cm / D: 22 cm
Note: The unglazed version is dishwasher proof, heat- and stain-resistant, and oven- and microwave safe.