Japanese Bamboo flower vase w/hanging belt

Japanese Bamboo flower vase w/hanging belt


The little pre-loved flower vase in bamboo is traditionally used i Japanese tea rooms. It can be used either standing or hanging from the wall or ceiling, and is characterised by the beautiful characteristic joints and distortion that the bamboo material offers. - Bamboo flower vases are the creations of tea masters. Since the "wabi-sabi" (sabi) of tea ceremony came to be respected by Sen no Rikyu, bamboo flower vases were valued and used widely as well as pottery, as they were appropriate for tea ceremony. Madake (Japanese bamboo species) is widely used and is suitable for handicraft. You can enjoy the expression of individuality in the form of "sunkiri", "single-layered" and "double-layered" like Shakuhachi flute, by use of beautiful characteristic bamboo joints, distortion and stains.

Manufactor: Unknown handcraft
Material: bamboo


1.800,00 kr