Muller Van Severen Writing Desk + Low Table

Muller Van Severen Writing Desk + Low Table


New writing desk + low table is an object first shown in 2014 at New Work, the second big solo exhibition by Muller Van Severen. The shelves are placed at different heights and there’s a low table with big proportions flanking the construction. Muller Van Severen reordered the surfaces of a desk as an experiment. To keep the composition in balance, a lamp is added, overviewing the whole.

Designer: Fien and Hannes Muller van Severen
Manufacturer: Muller van Severen
Year: 2014
Material: Rusted steel frame, demountable in two piecesdemountable in two pieces

Measurements: 180 cm x 45 cm x 153 cm (rack), 164 cm x 90 cm x 37 cm (table)
Note: Item made to order - please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.




72.000,00 kr