wa/ter Hamon Glass Object

wa/ter Hamon Glass Object
wa/ter Hamon Glass Object


Glass object designed as part of the label wa/ter by Drawers Inc, an architect and product design studio that centers the project around the idea of the circular flow between people and the environment. With the aspiration to draw awareness of environmental issues using design, where there is demolition instead of renovation, wa/ter gives objects a second life aspiring to create products that are genuinely loved rather than dictated by popular trends.

Repurposed-cathode tubes and fluorescent tubes. The usage of series of Hamon depends solely on the end-users creativity; you can place food on it, use as bookends, drop essential oils in the gentle ripple-like dents (that are naturally created in the manufacturing process), or use it only as decor.

Designer: Drawers Inc.
Material: Recycled glass
Colour: Blue-grey, Light Yellow-green
Measurements: Ø 14/9/7.5 cm